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Each patients tinnitus experience is unique and so is its management. Tinnitus trio provides acoustically modulated sounds which gradually exposes patients to their tinnitus in o controlled manner that supports ‘HABITUATION’. These acoustically modulated sounds are matched to the patients tinnitus to provide Cortical Stimulation and Residual Inhibition of Tinnitus. Sequential tones presented over a period of time triggers activity in the brain that counters neural hyperactivity. Tinnitus trio provides 500 musical tracks metered to patients tinnitus ,which are played while the subject is relaxed /Sleep. helping the individual in habituation. Tinnitus trio sequels the training sessions with on inbuilt alerting. alarming & recording system. Tinnitus Trio is generally worn intermittently during defined therapy sessions or times of predictable acute needs and provides a lingering benefit even after the device is turned off : facilitating habituation and helping the patient naturally ‘TIME OUT’ the perception of tinnitus. Management plan : Usage of Minimum 5 hours / day continuous or intermittent at any time of the day with any kind of activity involved is permissible. Duration of Usage : Studies show usage of six to 12 months is more likely to show benefit varying in degrees.

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