Tinnitus Assessment Tool

Tinnitus testing in satisfactory conditions at low, mid and high frequency is mandatory. Our tinnitus assessment tool uses algorithm software technology starting from 100Hertz to 16Hertz using special high frequency headphones.

The tinnitus assessment software offers a comprehensive examination of tinnitus through,

  • Loudness matching
  • Pitch matching
  • Minimum masking level
  • Residual inhibition

With a choice in procedures for pitch matching.

  • 2AFC (Alternate Forced Choice)
  • Direct selection of frequencies
  • Octave frequency sweep
  • Octave confusion

The software offers sample sounds as well to match and better understand your tinnitus.

Software Highlights:

  • Numeric storage and visualization of tinnitus audiometry
  • Plots multiple results on the same graph for comparisons as future follow up and programming tinnitus hearing device.
  • Monitors tinnitus frequency shift as well as loudness shift.
  • Index management: Refines customized result - summary indices
  • Data manager for documentation: customized look and feel of graphical output
  • Change log: log system keeps track of which user made what changes at what time