Cochlear Habilitator

Speech Language Software

  • New technology based software (cochlear implants)
  • Designed and developed by professionals from multi disciplines over a period of ten years.
  • The software is an algorithm technology based in real time analysis.


Highlights of the Cochlear Habilitator Software

  • It is a unique virtual sound laboratory to train hearing impaired children & cochlear implantees.
  • A systematic array of auditory training modules with colorful pictures, environmental examples & real & articulated sounds.
  • Segregational material which is Age as well as Intellect related.
  • A full dedicated statistical data of the work done with patient at every stage auditory verbal therapy.

Speech voice and language module

Voice station:

  • Demographic data
  • Voice recording
  • Voice analysis
  • Clinical correlations
  • Normative data
  • Clinical therapy applications
  • Voice report

Speech Therapy

  • Speech therapy modules which is geared for diagnostics and therapy platforms.
  • The colorful vivid graphics hand drawn artistic scenarios.
  • Age related appropriate  words and sentence’s.
  • Researched therapy applications.
  • Cognitive skill developments.
  • Flash cards and picture reading skills.

Speech and Language Modules

  • Hearing and speech therapy inter activities (A program geared towards voice detection, loudness patterns, voice inter activities, voice initiation)
  • Flash cards : A colorful dictionary of 175 words depicting various environmental words which are animated for child’s expressive and receptive work ups.
  • Speech language therapy tool : A comprehensive tool for communication skills from sounds to words ,sentences and paragraphs with a vivid colorful flashcards numbering 50.

Language learning laboratory

  • A thematic illustration of story boards numbering 30 which highlights day to day activity in story forms.
  • A built in recorder will analyze all interaction between parent, therapist and teacher.
  • All themes are hand drawn to decipher simple and characteristic forms of the story boards.

Pictorial communication trainer

A 50 theme based story boards with only animations running across with built in recorder for child’s  vocabulary to language based programs.

Pictorial themes connect the child with real life events.

Children focus, concentrate, and verbalize

All the modules contribute to : “AUDITORY VERBAL THERAPY”


  • This is the first technology to have the home training module where urban and rural area children can enjoy the greater benefits.
  • There will be an interaction between the parents and therapist.
  • Parents are the most important care givers for the child and they will be dedicated towards the training approach.
  • Speech therapist/ health care professional’s and parents team will be established.
  • Research has proved that Multi sensory approach using audio visual media with software yields faster developmental results.
  • The parents contribution for therapy under supervision is vital for the child’s speech and language development.