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Child Hearing Disorder

Deafness and Hearing Loss

Deafness , Hearing Loss or hearing impairment simply means the total or partial inability to hear sounds.

There are basically 3 levels of hearing impairments.

Hearing Loss  :

This is a reduced ability to hear sounds

Deafness :

This is a person’s inability to understand speech , even when we amplify the sound

Profound Deafness :

This is the total lack of hearing .The patient is unable to detect sound at all.

Treatment & Management is done :

I .Based on the type of hearing loss like :

Conductive Hearing Loss


Sensorineural Hearing Loss


Mixed Hearing Loss

  1. Based on whether there is Unilateral ( One-sided) or

Bilateral i.e. hearing impairment in both ears.


We all want to nurture our children’s potential to the maximum to be a successful asset to our society.

Just an Hearing Impairment should not make us lose hearts. 

You want your child to be able to talk, sing the melodies, and live normally without any compromise.You want him/her to realize their dreams to the fullest.

It is possible with the supreme rehabilitation, one of the strongest pillars of normal hearing , that our product is bringing into the mainstream of technology.

Chronic disability

Chronic disability of central nervous system origin characterised by aberrant control of movement of posture, appearing early in life and not the result of progressive neurological disease.