Daniyal Medical Technologies

People especially children with Voice & Hearing Disorders are very big in No.Speech and language impairments require long term attention, generally remain manageable. To overcome this,We have brought a revolutionized approach to Communication, Hearing & Speech Disorders with Researched therapy applications which are software based to strengthen service delivery including rehabilitation & hearing screening

Daniyal  Medical Technologies headquarter at Dubai (UAE). It has the out thrust of science and technology with strong team of 50 members comprising of Research, Clinical and Marketing focused personnel with specialties to their accreditation credits with school of knowledge and creativity. Armed with concepts and technologies. It is setting stages for success in speech and Hearing. We have two organized software as Products .

Ours is the World that is ruled by World of Sounds whether we Hear or we Speak. It is the duty of this modern society to bridge the gap between the outsider and the World Full of Sounds.


Tinnitus Trio

Tinnitus Trio brings signature technologies in developing Assessment and Management tool for tinnitus, Visual auditory tool for children with cochlear implant and hearing aid users. We look forward for your support and feedback to help millions.

Cochlear Habilitator

Cochlear habilitator is an online software developed for the purpose of rehabilitation for children and adults with speech, voice, hearing and articulation problems who must be trained to listen and understand the sounds around their world

Hearing and Speech Therapy

Hearing and speech therapy interactivities (A program geared towards voice detection, loudness patterns, voice interactivities, voice initiation)


Study and Research 1

WHO project in India by All India Institute of Speech and Hearing (AIISH-Mysore)(1996-2007) proves the incidence of hearing impairment in infants in the range of 3.29% to 7.67% and in school children in the range of 9.07%

Study and Research 2

Periodic studies of neonatal (Ali Anwar Jung National Institute of Hearing Handicapped)(Basavaraj and Nandurkar- 2005) hearing impairment in high risk neonates in the ranges 3.97%.

Study and Research 3

1 in 7 people are suffering from TINNITUS. 5 to 10% of people experience mild TINNITUS sometime in their life. 50% of those are over the age of 40. 60% experience poor sleep & 50% face a reduced quality of life


Audiological Assessments & Training which are accessible through installing the software on a smartphone which track progress reports on each stage & pave way for further treatments that too software based